That's what the name implies

LV's seasonal handbag offerings always dwarf those of its rivals. That makes sense - not only is LV the world's largest luxury brand, but its heritage is entirely leather, and most premium designer brands start with clothing. Even with this in mind, it seems that LV has released more new collections than usual in the past few seasons - two weeks ago we were just in time for the luggage debut, and now the brand is making its debut again, this time with LV Patches handbags.

The LV Patches collection sounds like just that - the brand has recreated some of the most popular bags and small leather goods with interesting graphics designed to evoke the Patches and stickers on travel bags and suitcases of the past. On an aesthetic level, Patches bags are very similar to the My LV World Tour collection, which allows shoppers to choose their own Patches and apply them to female-popular medallions or men's Damier Graphite travel gear, producing bespoke bags. With this line, the decor is preselected and the price point is slightly higher, for reasons that are not entirely clear. In most cases, I want custom-made bags to be more expensive because they have to be manufactured one at a time.

All LV Patches handbags use a standard base, including classic handbags such as Neverfull handbag, Alma PM, Pochette Metis and Bandouliere Speedy. If Louis vuitton is indeed doing more one-off seasonal lines, it's not hard to see why: fans of the brand seem to have no basis for the new Monogram classic. The seasonal embellishment release is a great way to create repeat buyers for the brand's most popular styles, even if the line just came out。


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