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It's perfect for girls to hang out, and I really want these Diorama mini bags


I don't necessarily call myself a Dior lover (I haven't bought a Dior handbag in 14 years), but for me Dior has always been iconic, so the bag is always on my radar. I recently considered buying another designer's purse because it was converted into a chain wallet, which made me think of other similar bags I might want. Typically, when I buy a bag, I tend to choose small sizes that are suitable for use day and night, so my bag collection isn't really super fancy or I'll only use it at night. As I got older, I started participating in more activities and needed some prettier handbags, which reminded me of the latest beauty: Diorama Wallet On Chain bag.

While I might use the dior bag during the day if I wanted to, I mostly use it at night. It's the perfect bag for a girl's night - it looks absolutely gorgeous, paired with jeans and a gorgeous top, but you can also make this dior bag for a favorite event as the focal point of your favorite LBD. I just like this little red square version, and I really want it to be mine! The look is sleek and streamlined, and the rivet adds a little edge, not too trendy - they're smaller and more delicate.

The chain band is also very delicate, I like it not bulky. It is very light and comes with leather shoulder inserts with riveted details. The chain belt is fully detachable, so the small bag can also be carried as a clutch, which is the perfect size for two-way work. This compact bag is made of soft and luxurious calfskin. It feels very good, but it cuts easily. The overall craftsmanship and quality of this dior bag is reflected in the details, including the full suede lining. The clamping button keeps the clamping cover firmly and there are two clamping slots inside. The mini Diorama measures 5.9 "L x 5.5" by x 2 ".  can be purchased through our

 Red Dior Diorama initially caught my attention, but I must admit that when Dior also sent us a sample of the metal rectangular Diorama pie-on-chain. Since the sleek calf skin on this mini dior bag is all metal, I like that it doesn't have the rivets like the little lady above. It's dressy, but more understated in some ways, and you really don't miss the metallic look of the night. I like the look of the metal bag with an all-black look that I use a lot, especially at night, so this version of Diorama is also a good addition to my wardrobe, although part of me is still super above the Mosaic version. The metal version is not only different in shape because it is more rectangular, but also different in size. It can hold more because it has four card slots instead of two and three separate storage areas. There is a thin pocket on the front and a zipper pocket on the back to separate the main storage area.