Gucci Dionysus: one of the hottest bags of fall 2018


Alessandro Michele was promoted from headwear designer to creative director of Gucci before the fall 2015 collection started shooting. Many are eagerly awaiting Gucci's new direction debut, and michelle isn't disappointed; His debut was full of '70s glamour and easy luxury.
We wanted to know what the former accessory designer would do with the bag. Michele chose to launch a new tee bag and offer a variety of options. Gucci Dionysus bag is the brand's biggest bag for fall 2015. We took some photos of our favorite new design for you to see up close.

Gucci Dionysus Blooms printing dionysian package

With a deep understanding of the archive, alessandro michele created the Gucci Dionysus satchel, combining old peeps with new connections. The GG Supreme canvas bag comes with a prominent tiger head square closure. This Gucci Dionysus bag USES a sliding chain and can be worn in a variety of ways, with easy transition between the shoulder bag and the handle.

In the above, you will see Blooms printing, this is a common theme of the collection. This version of the bag is my favorite; It provides a feminine touch, breaking the GG supremacy canvas and flowing into archaistic rose suede details. Blooms design from the top right-hand corner of the bag, extends to the whole back. The rose suede details are an amazing color, and this bag feels sexy and flirty at once.

Although the printed canvas is usually not my first choice, I find the finished product not only beautiful. Gucci knows how to combine its letter combinations and change them to make it modern and sexy. Each bag has a flap closure and the sides of the bag are suede or python upholstery.
One of the reasons I've been such a fanatic Gucci fan for years is that the exterior and interior of the bag are incredibly beautiful, thoughtful, and consistent with Gucci Dionysus. The bag has a central zip compartment inside, which gives it three areas: one zip and two open, all lined with GG canvas and suede.

Gucci Dionysus bee embroidery bag is another outstanding feature of Gucci Dionysus bee embroidery bag. For this, Gucci handcraftsman USES silk thread to wrap brass thread, manually embroider the bee on the silk surface, and then apply it to the front of the bag. The combination highlights and immediately grabs your eyes, providing a very interesting and natural feel to the bag.

Dionysus has two sizes. The larger size is 28 cm (width) x 17 cm (height) x 9 cm (depth), 12 "W x 8" H x 4 "D", and the smaller size is 20 cm (width) x 15.5 cm (height) x 5 cm (depth), 11 "W x 7" H x 3.5 "D". I like these two sizes because they are neither too big nor too small for everyday items. Which one you choose depends on your personal needs and preferences.
The main difference between the two sizes is the large triangular fold on the side of the bag, while the small bag looks like it has only one compartment inside, although there are also three areas inside the small bag. The larger size also offers a slim slip-on pocket on the back of the bag, which I've always loved. 

The antique silver hardware is a great compliment to the bag's earthy atmosphere, and I love the seal. Another nice touch Gucci offers is free personalization: Dionysus bags can be topped with an acronym next to the leather interior to make special heirlooms for free.

Gucci Dionysus may be in a new leadership position and moving in a new direction, but I like the direction it's headed. Gucci Dionysus proves michel's understanding of the brand and its customers, blending modern charm and beauty. These bags can be purchased through our Elodie luxury website


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